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Hey y’all! I’m Peter Seilheimer:
a humanist, an educator,
and a germanophile.

On this site you can check out my resume, explore my academic background at the Middlebury Institute, and take a look at some of the projects I’ve been involved in.

But first! Ten things you should know about me:


I’ve got the heart of a teacher: working with students and watching them grow is an incredibly moving experience.



I’m what happens when big-picture thinking, an eye for detail, and a double-shot of espresso collide.




I believe that language learning and the development of intercultural competency are inextricably intertwined and are perhaps the most crucial aspects of international education. The goals for language learning in the 21st century should go beyond reading dead white men.




I am adamant about making international education more inclusive. Policies, practices, and programs that do not actively, intentionally, and thoughtfully build diversity and inclusion in their design will necessarily fail to do so. We have a lot of work to do, people! Let’s get started.


I hope to foster in others a love and passion for language, an indelible sense of wanderlust, and an adventurous approach to experiential education in international contexts. 
Apropos Wanderlust.


I treat students as whole people who not only need to be challenged in order to grow, but who also should be provided with an appropriate level of support.



I can’t think of a good reason why international education offices do not have student learning outcomes associated with them. Developing the knowledge, skills,and attitudes necessary to navigate bureaucracy, complete applications, and cultivate self- and time-management skills are important!




I have an alter-ego: I answer to ‘Simon’ (Zee-mohn) when I work at Waldsee, a German-language immersion summer program in Northern Minnesota. Simon has been a mentor, a teacher,
a counselor,  
a zombie,
a pirate,
a lost and confused alien, the plague personified, and the director of a rag-tag group of street performers, among other things. You should ask him about it.


 I taught social-emotional skills to preschoolers for three years using hand puppets. I’ve met a lot of adults who could benefit from this as well. My services are available and referrals are appreciated (puppets cost extra)!




I am more than slightly obsessed the Icelandic singer Björk: I have seen her perform 11 times in 7 cities in 3 countries.

Already convinced we
should work together?